photo of border leicesters standing in front of a fence with vines copyright gerald hunter

Photo Courtesy: Gerald Hunter


The American Border Leicester Association (ABLA) was founded in 1973 to promote and register Border Leicester sheep in the United States and Canada.

The Border Leicester is a dual purpose breed of sheep, producing both meat and wool. Border Leicester wool falls in long, shining locks that are popular with hand spinners. The Border Leicester also has a longer loin and leaner meat than many sheep of its size. The Border Leicester is a natural when it comes to direct marketing. Lean, tender lamb and premium fleece that tops the hand spinning market keeps customers coming back for more.

Our association is experiencing some exciting growth, both in membership and numbers of sheep registered. We invite you to join us! Any resident of the U.S. or Canada who owns or is interested in Border Leicesters may become a member of the American Border Leicester Association by application and payment of an annual membership fee.

Print out a Membership Application or visit our Membership Directory page for more information about joining.

We hope that both members and those just looking into Border Leicester sheep will find this website to be useful.